A Constantly transforming tribute to Luna


A Puma kit, raised by goat-beastmen in the Southest. Mosi has a million shapes he/she can take and never stays as one very long. She has developed a squirrel’s need to store things, and a lion’s tendency to fight rather then flight. She doesn’t like to change shap in front of others.


Charms: 2nd dex excellency humble mouse twin-faced hero finding the needle’s eye golden tiger stance wind dancing method wary swallow method flowing body evasion deadly beastman transformation hybrid body rearrangement laurels and ivy technique relentless lunar fury clay wetting practice foot-trapping counter thousand claws infliction rabid beast attitude lunar hero form claws of the silver moon impressions of strength 2nd strength excellency shell-crushing attemi agitating of the swarm ferocious biting tooth lightning stroke attack


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